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About Our Area

We carry plants that are best suited for our zone and growing conditions.  Below is information on our area.  If you need more information on plant hardiness zones, please stop by our garden center and ask any staff member for help, or you can go to 

(USDA) United States Department of Agriculture's website.

Average Frost Free Dates:

Riverton - May 18th - Sept. 26th (131 days)

Our Zone: 4-A

Zones are based on the minimum temperatures a plant can survive.  These USDA zones are not perfect since other factors such as soil and water quality also effect plant survival.

Microclimates are small areas of your yard or neighborhood where the weather is different from the general weather.  These areas can be colder, hotter, or drier than other areas.  You can take advantage of these areas to grow plants that might not thrive as well in other areas.

Problems & Solutions For Our Area:

Problem: Poor soil - most soils in our area are heavy clay that compact easily.  They are alkaline and have very  low levels of organic matter.

Solution: Add soil pep - it loosens the soil, and helps hold water.  Soil pep is also the best amendment for sandy soils.  Apply soil activator to lessen compaction.  Don't add lime or wood ashes to our alkaline soils as this makes it even more alkaline.

Problem: Relatively short growing season.

Solution: Grow lots of perennials and shrubs that tolerate light frosts.  Put tender annuals out as transplants rather than seeds to make the most of the time we have.

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