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Sweetwater Garden's - Garden Guide

When Should I plant?

This is a commonly asked question we get at Sweetwater Garden.  Below are some helpful guidelines on when to plant what.


  1. Early crops: (Mid March through Early  May)

    • Root Vegetables - Late March April 1st.  Beets, Radishes, Onions, Potatoes, Turnips

    • Peas-Mid March (St. Patrick's Day) includes Sweet Peas!   TIP use inoculant on Peas to help with germination!

    • Cole Crops - Mid to late April.  Cabbages, Ornamental Kale, Broccoli, Brussels Sprouts (not to early or they can bolt).

    • Late Crops - After May 18th .... but it's always a gamble!

    • For early birds there are ways to fool mother nature.  Use clear plastic to warm soil temperatures prior to planting, and use floating row covers.  Be sure to protect plants from those late frosts.


  1. Pansies and Petunias - we put them outside when it is safe!  Pansies & Petunia pots can go outside anytime from Mid-March on, they have to be covered or brought inside on nights when temperatures drop below 20 degrees

  2. All other flowering annuals should be after May 18th although they can still require covering or taking inside if there is a late frost.

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