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Bonide Root & Grow

Soil Pep 2 CF Bag

Root Rally

Our 2 Year tree and shrub warranty is the best in the business. Period.

Nobody wants to invest in trees and shrubs and see them die.  We get it.  That is why we partnered with leading companies that supply products that are scientifically designed and tested to help your plant grow and establish roots.

To get our 2 year warranty here's what you need to do.

  • Buy any ornamental tree, shrub, or fruit tree

  • Buy and use the recommended amount of Bonide Root & Grow

  • Buy the appropriate amount of soil pep & Age Old Organics Root Rally

  • Follow the rooting/planting care guide

  • Must keep receipt

 ​** This guarantee covers up to $200 per          plant.

here is what the warranty does not cover:

  • Natural disasters or extreme weather events

  • Damages caused by people, animals, insects, disease or by negligence, vandalism, or wrong doing.

  • Planting and replanting costs are not covered 

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